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5 Questions with Tindersticks
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5 Questions with Tindersticks

One of the most original and distinctive British acts of the ’90s, legendary UK band Tindersticks is back with a fresh album, “The Waiting Room”, and a series of concerts and shows all over Europe. The 10th album comes with a collaborative film project, in which every song is translated by a different video director. The lead singer Stuart Staples shares his feelings about 90’s, space in music, and Irish linen bed sheets.

Tindersticks turns 25 this year. The music scene has changed dramatically for the last decade. Do you miss 90’s?

– Although the 90’s were an exciting time for the band, the prevailing culture (and the music scene) in the UK was pretty awful and silly. To be honest, No! , I don’t miss at all.

The signature Tindersticks sound almost never changed; your have never done anything that might date their music to its moment of origin. Does it hard to not being a trend-driven band?

– Aw, c’mon, we are always changing. We couldn’t get through 25 years standing still. Although not making music dated to a point of origin is a different point – I have never wanted that – I like the fact that our music floats in time.

Tindersticks, 2015. Photo Credit: Richard Dumas

Tindersticks, 2015. Photo Credit: Richard Dumas

Including “The Waiting Room”, the richly atmospheric sound of Tindersticks album also remained same. Are you influenced by movies a lot?

– We are interested in space in music, inviting the listener into that space – Whether that constitutes ‘cinematic’, I am not sure. Having such a long, rewarding relationship with the director Claire Denis and her images has definitely had a great effect on our musical development.

No! I don’t miss 90’s at all. Although it was an exciting time for the band, the prevailing culture (and the music scene) in the UK was pretty awful and silly.

What advice would you give those currently 10 years younger than you about how to make best use of the next decade?

– Advice for 40 year old musicians? If you are still feeling connected to your ideas – Don’t give up! If you are not, find something else to make you happy.

What is your idea of earthly happiness? 

– Irish linen bed sheets! – [Revised, and re-edited from an interview by Ali Tufan Koc]

Cover photo credit: Neil Fraser, 2013



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