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7 Questions with Dree Hemingway
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7 Questions with Dree Hemingway

The ‘granddaughter’ model/actress Dree Hemingway explains how to clean a house like a model, experience Paris like a Hemingway and rule a fashion week like a regular.

How do you prepare yourself to catwalks mentally?
– I don’t really think about it. I’m probably more conscious of not falling over more than anything… Ha-ha. I enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of a great show.

What’s the best thing about fashion weeks?
– It’s a great time to catch up with friends and people you don’t see too often and to see them abroad, especially in places like Paris or London. There is usually a great party or fun night and of course seeing some great clothes too.

Give us some tips to live Paris like a Hemingway.
Paris is an extraordinary place. Where do I begin…? I love the Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuileries, Place des Vosges, and the Palais Royale especially in springtime. The Marais, Place de Concorde, the cafes like Deux Magots and Café de Flore in Saint Germain; restaurants like Brasserie Lipp, and Kinugawa are my favourite spots. The outdoor farmer’s markets like Marche Biologique Raspail have the best local produce and fare on Sundays. From a great bookstore to great vintage finds at the Clingnancourt, you always discover something new and incredible in Paris.

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You have few movies coming up soon. Do you feel comfortable watching yourself on screen?
– It’s obviously a very different experience seeing the films as opposed to shooting them. Such a great deal of time and energy has gone into the whole film making process and post- production. It’s almost quite surreal sitting in a theatre seeing it all edited and condensed into a few hours or less and seeing yourself on screen is quite weird.

While growing up, did you always wanted to be a model/actress?
– I wanted to dance. Dance and ballet lead so perfectly into acting so it’s a rather natural progression. I trained in London at Drama school and modelling is another facet of acting and I love beautiful clothes so it was something that I wanted to explore.

[On catwalks] I’m probably more conscious of not falling over more than anything… Ha-ha.

In your recent interview, you just mentioned that you love to dance when cleaning the house. Any favourite cleaning song?

– Kate Bush is a favourite… Running up that Hill & Cloud Busting

What do you laugh most in life?
– Myself



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