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Arthur Potts Dawson: Treat your body as you would the planet
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Arthur Potts Dawson: Treat your body as you would the planet

The greenest chef on earth, British chef, restaurateur, and author Arthur Potts Dawson insists you to become eco-friendly, ethical eater and here’s why.

Your interest in food began during childhood, on a Dorset farm. What’s your earliest memory on food?

– I used to help make sheep milk cheese, it tasted so fresh and delicious…

Back then, did you know you were going to be a chef?

– I became a chef by accident. What first started as a summer job as a kitchen helper, I then began to enjoy my self and was offered an apprenticeship. I have been in the kitchens ever since.

What does it feel like to be the greenest chef?

– I feel I have a big responsibility to keep people aware of the issues that surround food.

Why does the future of food is in our trash?

– Better planning of food in the home, better quality composting and carbon management. Food must go through a revolution, we must educate people to change their food habit.


This year has been a great one for food waste: Dan Barber made it taste great at his wastED pop-up, France made it illegal for grocers to throw out their food, the United Nations pledged to cut food waste in half by 2030 etc. What’s next?

– Understanding that there is unavoidable food waste, we must accept that, but then manage the system in more advanced ways. The main idea is to capture the carbon stored in the food by composting and then putting back into the soil.

How can we reduce food wasting as individual?

– Plan your meals more effectively, eat everything you cook, don’t let the supermarkets sell you more than you need!

What are the essentials to be an eco-friendly, ethical eater?

– Treat your body as you would the planet. Treat gently, consume only what you need. Support your local food supply chain. The way of we shop also matters on food wasting.

How can we shop better?

– Education is essential, we must get a better understanding of what good food is. Buy seasonally grown food, buy from local suppliers, and buy ethically produced foods.

“Treat your body as you would the planet. Treat gently, consume only what you need.”

What products might we be surprised to find on your fridge?

– My fridge is only small, I don’t keep much in it. The suprise products would be fresh turmeric, rhubarb syrup, aloe vera juice and coconut water.

What do you do when you crave for something delicious but not-so-green?

– A junk food, maybe. If anything I make my favourite hamburger or hot dogs at home for the children with our own homemade chips

Why does the junk food tastes so good?

– Too much fat, sugar and salt. These are the 3 main comfort ingredients that our bodies crave.



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