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Debbie Harry: World a More Dangerous Place When Bieber Drives a Car
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Debbie Harry: World a More Dangerous Place When Bieber Drives a Car

A New Yorker icon, Blondie’s Debbie Harry talks about 70s, Justin Bieber, and her luck called Chris Stein.

You lived at the center of everything in an era, which is accepted as the golden age of art, music and fashion: the 70s. Were you aware that the things around you would become “legendary” in the future?

– I was not aware. We had created a little world for ourselves in New York. We were not even aware what was happening around . We had to work hard, because we needed money to stay alive. Those were the years where everyone’s productivity was in its prime.

Was there any name you thought “this person will be a great star in the future” back then?

– No, dear. Everyone whose talent I believed in has died tragically. They were too much for this world. I am an expert on betting on the wrong horse

There are many stories and legendary places about the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle of the 70s, like CBGB’s infamous toilet where broke musicians did blowjob for five bucks… 

– You mean that horrible place downstairs? It was like hell. I’ve never been there and did not know what happened downstairs. CBGB was a little, funny place. It does have a place in all of our hearts.

Does it true that the serial killer Ted Bundy tried to kidnap you while going to a party, or is it just another rumour?

– I only noticed that the guy in that taxi was Ted Bundy years after the event, when a journalist victim of Bundy announced it on TV. The same thing he said happened to me, too. I was just able to save myself.


When we look at Keith Richards and David Bowie, we can’t help but ask: How did they all survive?

– It was solitude, not alcohol and drugs  killed many of those rock stars during those years. Loneliness has killed them. Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse are also included in that list. Nothing happens to you if you are not abandoned or if you don’t feel alone.

And your luck was Chris Stein?

– Always. We always carried each other during our longest parties and tours. When one of us fell down, the other was there to help. He helped me a lot and so did I.

A very rock ’n’ roll love story… How were you able to end your relationship and continue to work together? He even got married before your eyes.

– Chris is my angel, my devil, my friend, my enemy, my brother, my everything. We were beyond lovers. It was a different love.

It was solitude, not alcohol and drugs killed many of those rock stars during those years. Loneliness has killed them.

Doesn’t it hard to keep your rock ’n’ roll image alive now? Don’t you want to stay at home, drink green tea and relax after a certain point?

– There is a more dangerous world outside compared to the 70s. I prefer to stay at home in a world where Justin Bieber drives a car. When people call me to a party, I say to myself: “You’ve been through all of that before” and stay home.

You confessed you had relationships with women recently. Was that a part of a search, a different experience?

– Let’s not consider it the same as the others. You should respect every kind of love. Except pedophiles, of course. One can experience many different kinds of love when one is liberated from one’s limits.




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